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Our study has turned into a little bit of a storage area, and as I’m doing more and more work from home (school, web design and blogging), I am longing for a space that is inviting and that reflects my love for design. Hence, I’ve been scouting the web for inspiration and have once again found tons of it on Nina Holst’s amazing interior design blog Stylizimo. My vision: two photo ledges above the desk to display a variety of design books and magazines. Underneath the ledges, a curtain wire to hang photos and magazine clippings (will serve as a mood board). Yesterday we bought the ledges and the curtain wire and I’m hoping to get everything mounted this week (and post the results, of course!)

An easy DIY-tip that I found on Desiree’s blog Vosgesparis: chalk painted clip boards! Simply paint and put up several of them on your wall(s). You can use them as mood boards or to put up to-do lists for your various projects. 

I’ve always loved IKEA’s wooden storage boxes and I like the idea of painting them black & white (again, chalk paint comes in handy!).  Aside from fresh flowers, a scented candle and a stylish mug for pens is on Nina Holst’s list of workspace must-haves. I think washi tape should be on there as well :)  See all of her great ideas on how to create a soothing and cozy workspace here

P.S. Some fun pencils here & here

photo credits: images 1 & 2, images 3 & 4, image 5 (found on Stylizimo), image 6, images 7&8

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