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A Summer Night’s Dream

As I’m sitting here all bundled up looking at our snow covered backyard, there is a dream of sunshine and warmth, long days, tons of ice-cream, dear friends and: an outdoor movie theater!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to create a living space underneath the stars, just like the one above? It must be the coziest open-air movie theater I’ve ever seen! I love all the pillows and candles and the little cones that hold the popcorn!

I can’t wait for the days to warm up and to start planning our very own backyard movie nights! All you’d need are some lawn chairs, plenty of cozy pillows and candles, lanterns, blankets, a projector (you could loan one), a linen sheet for the screen, a good movie and of course: tons of popcorn!

The mosquito issue (did you know Wisconsin is a mosquito’s paradise?), could be easily solved by setting up a big fire in the center :) (I know it’s a little early to think about mosquitoes, but here are some natural methods to get rid of them,  just in case you would like to plan ahead :)))

photo by Pottery Barn via Oh, hello friend

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